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Team: Our Team
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Chief Executive Officer

For more than 20 years of clinical experience as a horse surgeon, I saw so many patients devastated by arthritis, without satisfying treatment outcomes. When I became an arthritis patient myself, I learned firsthand that treatment outcomes are shockingly similar in human medicine. Subsequently I founded PreGenerate, where our personalized approach offers a simple yet eloquent solution for the hundreds of millions of people suffering from this debilitating disease. I am honored to build this startup and vision as CEO with such a talented team and prestigious advisors.


Chief Operative Officer & Microfabrication Engineer

With my engineering background, I was very much fascinated by the idea of combining biology and technology in an organ-on-a-chip model to improve quality of life for Arthritis patients. During my PhD at TU Wien developing a portable lab-on-a-chip for viral detection, I gained the skills necessary for microfabrication, teamwork and  workflow optimization. As PreGenerate's COO and design engineer, I streamline operations and product development so that we can reach out to patients internationally.



Head of Research & Development

I wanted to join Pregenerate to apply my experience for more than 10 years in top international research laboratories into developing a new diagnostic setup and help equine and human patients to maintain their ability to walk until very late in life. I have a background in molecular biology and I believe with this I bring powerful knowledge to help shape the future of personalized medicine within Pregenerate. My additional qualification in pharmaceutical quality management is essential to bring our diagnostic service to the market.



Imaging specialist & Quality assurance manager

Despite my years in the pharma industry, I've always wanted to be part of a startup to further develop and expand my skills. The regenerative potential of cells and tissues has always fascinated me. After my PhD, I was looking for new challenges, and I found what I was looking for at Pregenerate. The innovative idea of analyzing personalized arthritis on our in vitro chip in a way that doctors can better plan individual treatment is specifically what attracted me. I hope that with this technology we can help many people and make their everyday lives easier.

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Chief Financial Officer


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Chief Scientific Officer


My fascination with personalized medicine and its enormous potential to change patients' lives and the way we think about therapeutics started while working in basic academic research. Joining a startup was the logical next step, as I envisioned myself having a more direct impact on patient outcomes and developing solutions that reach from bench to bedsite in a timely fashion. This daily challenge we are undertaking at Pregenerate as a multi-disciplinary team is going to influence the life of osteoarthritis patients for the better, while at the same time develop into a paradigm for personalized medicine. I couldn't be more excited to be a part of this effort!



Machine Learning Engineer

It is quite thrilling working in a medical domain where your effort can directly impact millions of individuals. But what makes me proud is the contribution we are going make to limiting a very important ethical issue: animal testing. Having a Software Engineer background allows me not only to contribute to AI tasks but also in web development and robotics automation.



Data Scientist

It is exciting to contribute my technical expertise to a team effort that significantly improves the lives of arthritis patients.
Having a Physics and Computer Science background allows me to contribute to a broad variety of tasks in Data Science/AI and Data Engineering.


Team: Our Team


Orthopedic surgeon, serial founder with CE/FDA approvals & exits to Stryker, Post Holdings

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